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Ballroom & Latin Dance Club

    Burnsville, MN

November  dance lessons schedule of Ballroom & Latin Dance Club, Burnsville, MN

  November Dance Lessons Schedule Please Click Here for details! 

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Kids Dance Lessons every Saturday 11/4-18 at 3- 3:50 pm


                 November Dance Lessons Schedule

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  Wed., Sat.& every Last Friday of the month at 7:00 pm:special group dance lessons are designed for beginners employing basic dance elements and steps.

Every Monday 7:00 - 7:50 pm for experienced dancers;  every Tuesday at 7 & 8 pm for a little experienced dancers. But first sessions of the month will be for beginners steps

Every Saturday Salsa Night from 7- 10 pm with a one-hour beginners lesson first.

Every Last Friday of the month for Karaoke & dance party 7- 10 pm with a one - hour beginners lesson first.