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Ballroom & Latin Dance Club

    Burnsville, MN

Ballroom and Latin dance classes in Burnsville, MN


Ballroom & Latin Dance Club also offers many kinds of classes besides holding  Friday Karaoke & dance party EVERY Friday evening and Saturday Salsa/Latin/Swing party EVERY Saturday evening.

Most of the classes are social dances and fitness classes, plus special programs for special groups.

If you don’t know which class you should sign up for, please go to Visitor Guides for ideas.

Group dance lesson: Group dance lessons are held most evenings from Monday through Saturday. Group dance lessons give you the chance to learn over 20 kinds of popular dances from Level 1 to Level 3. Please click Evening group dance lessons for details. 

Private dance lesson: Private dance lessons help you improve your dancing skills quickly. Please click Private Dance Lesson for details. 

Wedding Dance Lessons: Wedding private lessons and group lessons make your wedding dance impresionable and memoriable!


Special dance lesson: We offer special programs for  seniorskids,  wedding couples, Private Group Dance Lessons, Belly Dance, etc. You can see the details by clicking on the corresponding menu, or click Event & Specials to check the current special program notices and schedules.

Fitness lesson: Fitness dance offers more exercise opportunities than straight dance alone. You will learn proper stretching techniques, core work, cardio, etc, with easy dance steps and movements. A partner is not necessary. Besides, Zumba’s upbeat rhythms and Yoga’s calm, peaceful and relaxing exercises offer you an incredible work out experience. We also open Tai Chi classes every  Mondays 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm.

Please go to Prices to find a right price program for you.