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Ballroom & Latin Dance Club

    Burnsville, MN

 Monthly card price in Ballroom & Latin Dance Club in Burnsville, MN

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Ballroom & Latin Dance Club offers affordable and convenient program pricing to meet your budget. We accept cash and check.


Monthly CardThis is a convenient and economical option. Cards expire after 31 days and are non-refundable. Please click Calendar for the current and next monthly schedules so that you can make the right decision.       

You can enjoy all evening activities except for special sessions and organized by guest instructors. 

$80.00 for per single, $150.00 for per couple. except Events & Special plan. 


We have nine pricing programs. Every program has different benefits. All programs are non-refundable. If you want to check the other eight programs, please click the program name for details.

If you don’t know which one you should select, please go to Visitor Guides for suggestions.

     Drop In                                                                                                       Punch Card 

Private Lesson Package                                                    VIP Membership Card


Company Membership Card                                                   Wedding Lesson Package                                                                                       

    Private Group Dance Package                                   Special Program Package