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Private Dance Lessons are available (for couples only!) Now. Great deal for this special period --Only $60 per lesson, no package needed!! . Please click pre-register to make an appointment. 

Private dance lessons help you improve your dancing skills quickly. 

This is the most effective way to learn leading or following techniques. Private lessons provide a customized and personalized teaching plan to meet your goals, the teaching method is based on your current level and skill with individual attention from the instructor.  

Convenient daytime and weekend appointment times are available with the instructor. The lesson is 50 minutes long. Please click here to make an appointment for Private dance lesson.


Private Lesson PackageThis is a very flexible and valuable option. Purchase the private lesson package and enjoy Free evening group dance lesson & party on Saturdays when you take private lesson at that week.

Private lesson package is valid for three months from initial purchase.

20% off for beginners and those selecting not to join FREE group lessons/parties.

  • lesson: $85.00 ($68 for beginners) 
  • 2 lessons: $160.00 ($128 for beginners)
  • lessons: $375.00 ($300 for beginners) 
  • 10 lessons: $700.00 ($560 for beginners) 



For dance beginners: If purchasing the 5 lessons package, you pay $300. You can enjoy 5 customized private lessons and 5 weeks Saturday group dance lessons & parties. 

For experienced dancers: If purchasing 5 lessons package, you have two options: 

1. pay $375 and enjoy 5 weeks of FREE group lessons & parties on Saturdays; 

2. pay $300 without free group lessons/parties choice. 

If you have any questions, please send message to us!