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Ballroom & Latin Dance Club

    Burnsville, MN

space rental hourly in Burnsville, MN

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                          Ballroom & Latin Dance Club  in Burnsville! 

                                        Everything is brand new here!


Ballroom & Latin Dance Club’ space and facilities rental (include or not include karaoke system)  is available for these kinds of activities below (NO alcohol):

-- Teaching or training classes

-- Dance or fitness practice 

-- Studio's works

-- Non-profit organization activities for kids, seniors and public good

Rent varies depending on number of individuals and frequency of use. 

Our facility is 1,500 sq.ft.in area with a 37' X 30' sq. ft.wood floor, plus a separate 250 sq. ft. guest/family room from which dance floor activities may be viewed. Brand new wood floor (carpet set around the wood floor with movable tables and chairs), wireless (Bluetooth) speakers, projector, office desk, big mirrors, plenty of chairs,  etc.  

There are around 50 parking spaces in the front and back. Free parking! 

Please send a message to tell us your program requirements, such as type of class or activity, preferred schedule, How many people will show up, if need karaoke system, etc. so that we can offer you a reasonable price. Thanks.

Also, you can rent big tables & chairs to use at other place! 

8' folding rectangular table (10-12 seats) = $10 each. Brown color with adjusted legs. 
6' oval table (seats 6-8) = $10.00 each. White.
Folding chairs = $1.5 each. Beige color. 

All are new, very strong.

1103 W Burnsville Pkwy, Burnsville, MN 55337