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Seniors Dance Lessons in Burnsville, MN

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Please join our regular evening group dance lessons! 

Every Monday, Wednesday for beginners at 7:00 pm. Saturday 7:00 pm beginners lesson following 2 hours practice! Please click here for schedule! 

Senior Dance Lessons

Seniors dance classes, every Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm with different levels for beginners (7:00) and a little experienced dancers (8:00).

In Oct. we will teach these dances:

10/5: Rumba, 7:00 pm level 1, 8:00 pm, level 2;

10/12: Merengue, 7:00 pm level 1, 8:00 pm, level 2;

10/19: Swing, 7:00 pm level 1, 8:00 pm, level 2;

10/26: Tango, 7:00 pm level 1, 8:00 pm, level 2;


You do not need pay package. 

Drop in pay cash: $10 for one lesson per person; $15 for two lessons per person. 

 If you are around 55-years-old or over, you are more than welcome to join! You will have many opportunities to make new friends, converse, listen to music, exercise through slow and easy dance movements, even relax and just enjoy a good time in a fun environment.   

Also, you can join every Saturday dance lessons and parties to learn more dances and review/practice from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Membership cards are available.

We have regular beginners dance lessons every Monday and Saturday at 7:00 pm. You also can select your favorite dances to learn/review. Please check the Calendar to select your favorite dances . Thanks.