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Dance Classes Up to Intermediate Level on Tuesdays in February, March, and April

1. This is not a series of dance classes. Each Night, 2 hours for one dance from 7-9 pm. We will spend around 10-20 minutes reviewing the basic/social level steps, then start new steps up to the intermediate level. If you learned some social level steps of this dance, or you are an experienced dancer, you can join us. Also, you can first join Wednesday dance lessons (up to social level) then join these lessons below. Please click Wednesdays Classes for details! 


2. You do not need to sign a package. Just select any dance you like to sign up separately for your convenience.

2/28: Tango;

3/7: Rumba;

  3/14: Foxtrot;

   4/11: Cha-Cha.

3. Please Contact Us to register. If you missed registering and the classes scheduled, you may still join the lesson and pay onsite. The Tuesday class will be scheduled depending on the number of registrations received. Make sure you took the social level lesson before joining the Tuesday lessons!


4. Each night, $20 for 2 hours. You can pay it on site for cash or through Venmo/Zelle anytime. Please check Prices/Payments for details.

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