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Saturday Lesson & Party of Ballroom & Latin Dance Club 


Every Saturday: one beginners Lesson from 6:50-7:50 pm, followed by 2 hours variety dance party until 9:50 pm. 

$15 per night. 50% off discount for kids over 7 years old.

Monthly Membership Cards are good for savings. It can be used for every Saturday and Wednesday! 

Every Saturday 1 beginners lesson 6:50 - 7:50 pm, followed by 2 hours variety dance party: 7:50 - 9:50 pm for total 3 hours from 6:50 - 9:50 pm. $15 per night.

Please visit Schedule and Prices/Payments pages for details! 

Beginners Lesson - Cumbia basic step

Beginners Lesson -Bachata Basic Right  & Left Turns

 Waltz - Enjoy Variety Dance Party Time 

 Bolero - Enjoy Variety Dance Party Time 

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