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Testimonials page of Ballroom & Latin Dance Club 

Ballroom and Latin Dance Club Customer Testimonials

Rose, Thank you for being the strong, gracious, graceful leader that you are. Your comments during dance about just trying our best, trying our very best, are so motivating! My partners are getting comfortable enough with me to show me new moves and help me work with the steps I am learning. In addition to learning to dance, I am learning humility. I am learning to be humble. It is a lesson that I was not required to learn in this lifetime, and it is one that I am happy to put in my repertoire of Lessons Learned on my way to heaven and Nirvana. Please thank Tony for being the kind and outgoing gentleman that he is. You and he are the first two welcoming presences who people meet coming into dance each evening. I like his playful, fun loving nature. You and he make a very warm and loving couple with each other, as well as reaching out to all your students and creating an atmosphere of friendship and unity.

                                                                 - Gail Marek (Inver Grove Heights, MN)

Rose, Thank you so much for the wedding dance lessons! The routine really added a great touch to our wedding and our guests absolutely loved it! We definitely will recommend your studio to all of our friends. You are a wonderful instructor and you were a pleasure to work with!

     -Jessica & Ben (Minneapolis, MN)    

Dancing at the Ballroom and Latin Dance Club has become a life changing experience for me. I came there looking for some vent out and I found a passion. As someone who had no prior dancing experience aside from occasional get-together, I could not even suspect what a liberating experience was lying ahead of me. The Ballroom instructor Rose has taken me on a dancing journey discovering delicate moves of bachata, passion of salsa, grace of waltz and tango. I have found a new way of living life and experience a new range of emotions. Dancing has become my way of defying age and feeling young and attractive. I hope you will give yourself a chance to discover dancing for yourself.

-Narmin A. (Burnsville, MN)

Rose is an incredible teacher. My wife really wanted us to do something fun together as a "date night". With 4 kids, it's hard to find something fun and meaningful to do together besides the usual. We started taking private lessons and we were both surprised at how fast we picked it up. I attribute this to Rose's teaching skill and style of teaching. She made it fun and interesting, while keeping the basic techniques at the core of our lessons. The open dance sessions are fun, and the people there are great! We are having soooo much fun doing this together and find ourselves practicing at home and showing the kids our new moves. As a guy, I'll sum up why you should do this (besides the fact that every spy in every movie knows how to don a tux and dance the night away with style): I saw the joy this brought to my wife. She absolutely loves dancing with me. I love it because of the absolute happiness it brings my wife. So, in a nutshell, I HIGHLY recommend this school and guys, do it for your ladies....

- Matt. H (Burnsville, MN)

My girlfriend and I had a great experience learning from Rose! We were pretty poor Latin dancers when we started, but after a month she had us go through each dance and we were very impressed by how far we had come.

Rose is very patient and, best of all, very flexible. We felt welcome at Burnsville Latin Dance at each session and would highly recommend you go and check it out!

- Charlie. L (St Paul, MN)

I have just completed my package of ten lessons with Rose at Ballroom and Latin Dance Club. Rose, you are a very patient teacher and I am totally amazed with what you were able to do with me! You have a very clear way of teaching that really helped me understand, Rumba, Waltz, Foxtrot and ChaCha. Thank you and I am looking forward to my next lessons to work on polishing my technique. My girlfriend thanks you as well!

- Mark, M., Airline Supervisor (Prior Lake, MN)

I have been going to Ballroom and Latin Dance Club for over 20 lessons now. I am very impressed with the quality of teaching, the flexibility, and the expertise. What I really like is they did not pressure me into a contract or package and is much more affordable than those franchise studios. I am a local small business owner myself and I like to support small independent businesses.

I have to say that Rose has transformed my two left feet into a distinct left and right. My motivation for learning dance was to confidently lead in most dance situations. I have a fancy to the East coast swing. I also wanted to learn so I can keep up with my girlfriend. She is a really good dancer. Both objectives have been achieved. My learning curve has exponentially improved and my girlfriend is very impressed with my confidence and ability to confidently lead.

Thank You Ballroom and Latin Dance Club!

- David N., Business owner (St Paul, MN)



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