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Private Lessons of Ballroom & Latin Dance Club 

For Beginners:

$60 for one Private Dance Lesson for one person or one couple in Burnsville. $80 in other locations.


For experienced dancers: 

$80 for one Private Dance Lesson for one person or one couple.

You do not need to pay package. 50 minutes per lesson, plus 10 minutes of practice if you have a partner with you.


If you are not local and want to take
private lessons through online or videos, please 
Contact Or "Let's Chat" to send messages. 

 Private dance lessons help to improve your dancing skills quickly.

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Please click Contact for questions and make an appointment! Or Click "Let's Chat" below to send messages. Private lessons are Available Everyday!!

Private Group Lessons are available for your events! $120 -$140 per lesson. We also offer OFF-SITE lessons to match your events!  Contact to discuss details! 

During a private lesson, you:

  • learn at your own pace.
  • have a more personalized learning format.
  • personally choose your music and dances you prefer to learn.
  • learn and/or train for a dance performance.
  • participate in an effective and quick method of learning and developing your following and leading skills.
  • take part in a lesson customized to meet your goals.
  • receive personal one-on-one attention from the instructor.
  • have convenient times available to schedule a lesson. 

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